Yogurt Diet: Scrub The Body And Lose Weight

Yogurt Diet: Scrub The Body And Lose Weight

With this menu, you can in a week to lose up to seven pounds. A diet based on this beverage quickly melts fat, a probiotic culture yoghurt improves the intestinal flora.

A great way to cleanse your body of harmful toxins and thereby lose excess pounds is to insert the yogurt in your daily diet. Diet based on this beverage quickly melts fat, a probiotic yoghurt culture improves intestinal flora and maintain the healthy.

During the seven days of this diet you can lose up to seven pounds. Diet plan is quite rigorous, so experts advise that after seven days, some time back normal diet. Pause should last at least a month, and then again, you can apply this diet. As the pounds after seven days of a child would not be returned, should one day during the month to run the detoxification and drink only yogurt.

The menu includes yogurt to combine with as many fruits and vegetables and also make healthy and delicious meals. You can also eat fish, chicken or turkey in smaller quantities. As long as the diet is allowed in some yogurt to replace meals cream or sour milk.

If you experience bloating in the stomach or the occurrence of other problems with the stomach and digestion, immediately stop dieting and return to normal diet.



Breakfast: A glass of fruit or plain yogurt with low-fat, cereal of your choice

Lunch: vegetables prepared in olive oil, rice seasoned with a little salt and pepper, for dessert – fruit yogurt

Dinner: a salad of carrots, 50 g of ham, one apple and yogurt


Breakfast: salad of yogurt and cucumber

Lunch: Turkey fried in olive oil, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and a cup of yogurt

Dinner: Two cups of yogurt mixed with berries


A glass of yogurt with a little cheese, apple
Lunch: 150 g hake and salad with yogurt, cucumber and mustard

Dinner: 100 g pasta mix with one pepper, boiled egg and a cup of yogurt.


Source: http://eal-fit-life.com