Banish your migraine with hi-tech headband, Miraculous relief for sufferers!

Banish your migraine with hi-tech headband, Miraculous relief for sufferers!

Do you suffer from migraine? You know, that crazy throbbing headache on one side of your head, when the lights look too bright and you feel dizzy, and that lasts for hours or even days? Well you are not alone, although you are in a minority. Yes, we understand that knowing that doesn’t help at all. However we are here to help so let us tell you about this astounding cure that has been working wonders for migraine sufferers in Europe for some time now.

26 year old fay Sharples from Morecambe in the UK had been enduring excruciating attacks of migraine since she was 12. By the time she was 20, the attacks happened three or four times a month. She had tried most of the drugs, alternate therapies, and preventive diet, but ultimately nothing had provided lasting relief, and she felt she was on her own. Sometimes the attacks merged with one another and the pain would last for days without interruption, and she had to take time off from work.

Migraines can cast a pall over your life. It can attack at any time. It can interrupt your work, or ruin your holidays, and cause you to miss out social occasions. Medically, the only treatments are over the counter drugs, prolonged use of some of which can result in unpleasant side effects. There are also other alternate treatments, but for many people, none of these work very effectively.

To Fay, an auditor by profession, help came in the form of Cefaly, a therapeutic headband, which has been relieving migraine in sufferers for some time now. Feeling that she had nothing left to lose, she started using it and keeping a record. She was very pleasantly surprised by its effect. She started about six weeks ago and immediately, her migraine induces headaches became shortened to hours instead of days and she started getting longer periods of relief from it.

Fay says, ‘By week two the migraines were clearing in one day instead of dragging on for a few. The pain and intensity was also reducing.’ By week four, she had had only two migraines and hadn’t had to take any time off, and her “waking up headaches”, a common problems with migraine sufferers, had been banished.

She also felt more alert and able to concentrate, so much so that she stopped using Imigram, the drug she had been taking. In the fifth week she hadn’t had any attacks at all, something she would not have believed if somebody had told her so six months ago.

So how does Cefaly work? Migraines start at the trigeminal nerve. One end of this has two branches each ending at the exit of an eye socket under the forehead. Cefaly, a silver headband has an adhesive electrode which comes in contact with the skin of your forehead and connects to the nerve. It works primarily by transmitting precise micro-impulses which provide neuro-stimulation to the nerve ends. This neuro-stimulation of the trigeminal nerve has a relaxing effect that helps to ease the migraine. Secondarily, repeated usage of the device and the relaxing effect it has reduces the recurrence of the attacks. Most patients find relief and a great reduction in their drug intake.

The headband, which was designed in USA has to be worn every day for 20 minutes before bedtime. Most users find an immediate sense of relaxation.

Cefaly is not inexpensive. In the UK it costs £295, or about $500. Users also have to replace the adhesive pad about once a month at a cost of about £20 or about $50. However, migraine is such a crippling condition that most patients feel Cefaly is well worth the cost for the improvement in the quality of life.

So a near miraculous relief for migraine sufferers, involving an exciting new technology.Why don’t you give it a try! After all, you have nothing to lose, and much to gain!