10 worst issues that Trump tonight will not be allowed to answer: “spit” at Merkel, and today you have to look into the eyes

10 worst issues that Trump tonight will not be allowed to answer: “spit” at Merkel, and today you have to look into the eyes


German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the first time this afternoon will meet with US President Donald Trump, and this meeting, important for the world and Europe, drew much attention from politicians and the media.

After being postponed the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the US due to the winter storm that hit the East Coast today during the day will meet with US President Donald Trump. It will be a visit which will act as a clash of geopolitical poles and personalities. Especially if you consider that Trump previously spoke bad for Merkel, later to change the plate.



Questions that should be asked by Trump


Journalists from the Washington post, on the occasion of a press conference at Trump and Merkel came up 10 questions that should be asked by the US president, and related to his previous statements.




  1. Do you stand on the comments that NATO obsolete? If so, would you consider the withdrawal of tens of thousands of US troops stationed in Germany.


  1. Chancellor Merkel has doubts about the issue of multiculturalism. But she continues to welcome refugees. Is there a risk of confusion on the occasion of these two issues?


  1. Your senior trade adviser, Peter Navarro, believes that Germany’s trade surplus is a threat to America. Do you agree?


  1. Given that you said in the past, seeing it as reliable partner: Merkel and Putin?


  1. When Chancellor Merkel and her colleagues have expressed concern about Russian interference in Europe, whether you share their concern?


  1. Do you believe in the European integration project worth defending? Do you understand why its success was important for any previous US administration since World War II?


  1. Do you think that Merkel is globalist, and what does it mean for you?


  1. Chancellor Merkel is also concerned about “false news”, but unlike you, she labeled the mainstream media. She sees that the threats come from social media bots, trolls and false information sites. Do you agree that the latter is a real problem.


  1. The results of the parliamentary elections this week in the Netherlands are seen as validation of the status quo and the refusal of the Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders, whom you support. Chancellor Merkel congratulated Prime Minister Mark Rutte, do you do that?


  1. The US men’s national soccer team has benefited from the influx of players born in Germany, as well as players from other migrant communities. Will look first American football team?